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No One Knows
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This December, 2014, I marked fifty years as a professional composer and musician. Its one of the reasons I wanted to put this collection together, as sort of a celebration of the transcendental voyage these fifty years have been. The original plan was to use many experimental pieces that I have created over the years and call the CD "OUT OF MY HEAD".

These things take on a momentum of their own, life intervenes, and I now find my self with a body of work that is a lot more reflective of my early formative years.  More simple and more soulful, this collection does a better job of communicating over a larger spectrum of listeners. For the first time in a long time I produced a CD that wasn't "in search of" but instead just "what it is". It is a really good feeling. The criteria has always been to do a CD that I wanted to listen to, and I did, with the help of some fine musicians. 

Roger Hatfield July, 2014.





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