Music from STUDIO 5 to you... - From Roger Hatfield, award winning producer, writer and musician

Biography: Roger W Hatfield

Born on November 24th, 1948, Roger Hatfield had his first public performance at the age of two in church where he sang a traditional hymn. Formal music lessons (accordion) started at the age of four followed by saxophone at the age of seven.  While attending Warren G. Harding, in Warren, Ohio, he played his first professional gig at the tender age of fifteen with Prince Sahara and the Soul Brothers, replete with capes and turbans.  In 1965 he recorded his first record, a "45", at Cleveland Recording. Different bands ensued around the Warren, Akron, Youngstown, Cleveland area until 1968 when he joined the US Army. Returning home in 1970 he soon left for a road gig in Florida that saw him touring the country for the next four years. He returned to Warren in 1974 to start a family. The next six years saw him performing with local bands  "I Don’t Care", "MF Rattlesnake", "MOJO", "The Earth Brothers" and "Link", which he founded with Clay Cropper (K C and the Sunshine Band) in 1980. A new phase in his musically career started at this juncture as he was tapped to be the Head of Production and VP of Product Development for the Cleveland based "Our Gang Entertainment". It couldn’t have come sooner because , at his own admission, he was burnt out being a road warrior for the last ten years. Quite successful at record production, he earned numerous Gold and Platinum records and eventually built his own studio, Delphis Recording, in 1990. This same year he put together the cult favorite group "Network" which featured former  IDC players Tim Graziano and Gary Boggess.

A new phase in his career began in October of 1999 when he was chosen to head the new "Redball Records" in Canton, Ohio where he employed the very talented Eddie Howard Jr. as VP in charge of SPIRIT RECORDS. Redball was a subsidiary of IGM (Tae-Bo) and when IGM lost its contract with Tae-Bo and Billy Blanks, they shut the doors in 2003. The next two years were brutal; everything Roger had worked for  was now gone or going. As a single parent he decided to return to the Warren area in 2004 so that his son could graduate from Maplewood High School as had his brothers. It was then that another paradigm shift occurred; he was one of three producers of the Grammy winning "Songs From the Neighborhood".  This project featured musical luminaries like B J Thomas, Crystal Gayle, CECE, Amy Grant, Roberta Flack, Maureen McGovern and Bobby Caldwell. “It was the experience of a lifetime,” says Hatfield.

Back in the “game” Roger remarried in 2006. A temporary move to Findlay, Ohio was extended when he was diagnosed with cancer in 2007. Battling back he continued writing, recording, and producing various artists. 
He lives in Findlay with his wife where he maintains a project studio. 2014 - 2016 were problematic due to two  pulmanary emboli. "I am lucky to be alive ," he says, "but aren't we all?"

He writes and records everyday as he communicates with his many musical friends around the country, exchanging musical ideas and e-mail tracks. His music can be heard on Soundcloud, Reverbnation, and Facebook or you can follow his musings on He is is active nd has just released his tenth CD in as many years.
Feb 1, 2017

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