Music from STUDIO 5 to you... - From Roger Hatfield, award winning producer, writer and musician

I highly recommend this site.
Amazing art by the fabulous Erika Pochybova - Johnson

Erika created the cover art for Faster Buffalo.


This is as pure as it gets.  The Fretwelles make some of the finest handcrafted wooden flutes on the planet.  Heck, maybe The finest.
Go to their website and see and hear these beautiful instruments.  The flutes come in different shapes, sizes, and prices.  They sound wonderful and make lovely gifts.

New Music From Old Friends

Madam Weez!  She lives in a big house with lots of cats and dogs.  Nope, not a voodoo princes in a New Orleans Parish, just a bad-ass Blues Momma still chasin' the blues in Y-town My-town.  She is doing it all, and for real.  She writes, she sings, and she plays a gritty blues guitar.  She mounts any stage with the confidence born from knowing exactly who she is, what she is doing, and where she has been.  Blues mavens need to be prepared for the real deal.  Currently working on a new CD,  Madam plans to record in the gentler climes of Fla later this year.  I will be looking forward to posting some of her music when it becomes available.  I just got The Madam's picture for these pages;  She sure dresses up the site!!!
Check her out at:;


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