Music from STUDIO 5 to you... - From Roger Hatfield, award winning producer, writer and musician

From the CD - RISING
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New Music with the oldest roots.

First the dedications: in honor of George Soffos and Artie Goleniak, two musical avatars in my life. I hope you find each other out there in the cosmos! That would be one badass jam session for sure.

Thanks to the real friends who have stuck with me through this tough time. Your love and support helped pull me through.

With a nod to "The Archaic Revivalist", otherwise known as Terrance McKenna, I have enjoyed imagining the moment when music first started to emerge from the soul of humanity. Regardless of how it happened, it obviously did happen, and for that I am grateful.

My deepest gratitude to Clay Cropper and Mike Divito who offered their inspired guitar work to this project. Clay also co-wrote CAN'T KILL A GHOST but even more , was a constant inspiration and encouragement to me.  My deepest thanks to my best friend and wife Cyndi who said, "You are not allowed to die as long as there is music left in you."  I said, "OK".

It is my deepest hope that this music makes you dance.  I hope you find healing, and I hope it makes you laugh. Every note is a prayer for this. May you forever be filled with the joy of life!

All songs (c) Bluescat Music 2016.
CD Cover and design by Remi Hatfield
Songs written by Roger Hatfield except for CAN"T KILL A GHOST co-written by
Clay Cropper
Produced by Roger Hatfield

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