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In December, 2014, I marked fifty years as a professional musician. That is one of the reasons I wanted to put this collection together, as  a celebration of the transcendental voyage these fifty years have been. The original plan was to use many experimental pieces that I have created over the years, and call the CD, "OUT OF MY HEAD".

These things take on a momentum of their own, life (and death) intervenes, and I found my self with this body of work that is a lot more reflective of my earlier years.  More simple and more soulful, this collection does a better job of communicating to a larger spectrum of listeners. It borders on "chill". For the first time in a long time I produced a CD that wasn't "in search of" but instead just "what it is". It feels good. The criteria has always been to do a CD that I would enjoy listening to, and with the help of some fine musicians, I did.

This new CD has been titled THE WINDS OF ETERNITY. It is dedicated to Carol Elwood and Karen Lee, two soulful women who have gone on to that place  from where the music comes.

 " ... and  having woken, they arose. They spread  their silver wings to glide away on the Winds of Eternity."    RH

I will be writing more about this musical adventure, I went farther and deeper than ever before with this CD, that's for sure. I learned much. For now, here is a list of people who helped make it happen:

Eddie Howard Jr, Ronnie Marrone, Jerry Centifanti, Wayne Cardarelli, Linda Davis, Carmen Horvath, Danny Friendly, Doug Marinchik, and Rick Ward. All other instruments played by Roger Hatfield. Extra special thanks to Dante Divencenso, Toni Caffro, and Joseph "The Chief" Porrello, My associate producer Mike Talanca and TuneTown, Studio Five, and Bluescat Music. Cover photography: Cindy Hatfield and Joseph "Hitman" Dunlap. Videography, Zane Soffos.

Thanks to all of you sweet souls that have been in my corner over all these years.

Downloads of the CD are now available for $10.00.  See the "Purchases" page to order, and your copy high resolution MP3 will be emailed to you.

You can also order the physical CD and it will be mailed to you. Just fill out the brief address form. It is $14.00 and the shipping is free!

Roger Hatfield February, 2015





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